Measurable rehabilitation for your patients

About Us

We are a group of “movement enthusiasts” with different backgrounds but with a common goal: to make rehabilitation more accessible and measurable.

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Our vision is to bring every patient and every professional towards a more measurable and accessible rehabilitation through our innovation.

Products & Services

We were born with the aim of helping movement professionals to better follow their patients, even remotely. For this reason we have created two products for clinic and home rehabilitation, and two complementary services: one for professionals and one for patients.

Euleria Riablo

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Product for exercises and evaluations in the rehabilitation center.

Euleria Academy

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Continuous training service for all movement professionals.

Coming Soon…

Euleria Kari

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Product for performing and monitoring remote rehabilitation exercises.

Euleria Telerehab

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Service for professionals and patients to facilitate remote rehabilitation.


Accessibility has always been our focus on product development. This has led us to have a wide range of exercises that cover rehabilitation paths for all areas of the body.

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Lower Back

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Get in touch to find out what rehabilitation programs our products cover.


We believe that innovation can bring great benefits to both professionals and patients. But innovation means scientific research and to have cutting-edge products we have decided to work with the best researchers available.

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