About Euleria

The lockdown period drew attention to the limits of a “clinical-centric” system, which is based on the patient’s need to physically go to the rehabilitation center to undergo treatment.

With the advent of the pandemic, this was no longer possible; in fact, many treatments and cures have inevitably been stopped.

We started right here, from the slogan “staying at home”, imagining new physiotherapy more accessible to everyone, which went beyond the structural limits: something to be accessed even remotely and in total autonomy.

For this reason, we have thought of digital products that, thanks to wearable sensor technology, can accurately measure the movements of each patient and, at the same time, offer visual/auditory biofeedback to accompany them throughout the duration of the healing or rehabilitation path.

Our vision is to bring every patient and every professional towards a more measurable and accessible rehabilitation through our innovation.

Team Euleria

We are a group of movement enthusiasts with very different backgrounds, but with a common goal: to make rehabilitation more accessible and measurable.

Other Eulerians


The beating heart our company where developers and engineers deal with biomechanics.


A team for the analysis of user behavior to design the best experiences.

Sales & Marketing

Professionals of the rehabilitation market to reach everyone and everywhere.


Customer Satisfaction, also known as happiness of our customers and patients.

I Nostri Partner

Scientific Board

Rehabilitation without experts loses value.

For this reason, we lean on a group of experienced professionals who will guide our project and our entire development path.

Our Products

In-Clinic e From-Home Digital Sessions

We were born with the aim of helping movement professionals to better follow their patients, even remotely.

For this reason we have conceived and designed two different devices, one for on-site sessions at the physiotherapy center (Euleria-Riablo) and another for remote rehabilitation (Euleria-Kari).

Euleria Riablo

Euleria Kari

Remote Rehabilitation

We have also added to these two devices an online home rehabilitation service that directly reaches the patient and guarantees the constant assistance of an expert professional.

In this way, we also help professionals, rehabilitation centers, and clinics to speed up the digitization process and at the same time to expand their catchment area to the whole national territory, thanks to the possibility of following specific rehabilitation courses completely remotely with Eulieria-Kari.

Euleria Telerehab

Our Technology

One of the pillars of our products is the use of inertial sensor technology which allows measuring the movements performed by the patient with an accuracy of one-tenth of a degree.

The data recorded by the sensors are processed by the software and provided in real-time to the patient in the form of a video game.

The software automatically elaborates on the results and provides accurate and detailed information to the professional.